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DTS is just the beginning. YWAM Kona is committed to train and equip people to be actively engaged in discipleship, evangelism, and mercy ministry in every sphere of society. Upon completion of a DTS, you're already a quarter of the way done with an Associates Degree with the University of the Nations, Kona. Learn More About Degree Tracks . Find us on: YWAM Kona - University of the Nations. DTS: Half a Year - a Whole Life! Our Discipleship School (DTS) is a course that lasts several months and will fully orient your life towards God and will open totally new horizons for you. DTS is for people who expect more from their lives than the usual and are willing to push their limits

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Die Jüngerschaftsschule (engl. Discipleship Training School = DTS) bietet dir die Gelegenheit in einem internationalen Umfeld deine Beziehung zu Gott zu vertiefen, deine Berufung zu entdecken, deine Persönlichkeit weiterzuentwickeln und gemeinsam mit anderen Missionserfahrungen zu sammeln We are a missions training and sending location based, right at one of the beautiful beaches of the Norwegian west coast. Our heart is to serve both the local and global communities through evangelism, training, and mercy ministries. YWAM Rogaland is one of the many thousands of YWAM training locations throughout the world A Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a time set aside to deepen your relationship with God. You will learn more of who God is, how to hear His voice, and more of who you are in Him. Our mission during this time is to know God and to make Him known - this is done through biblical teaching and times devoted to learning with and about God YWAM DTS Primary purpose is to transform your relationship with Jesus through missions training that will help you use your... Achieved through 5 months of relational discipleship and training: 3 months of weekly modular teaching during campus... 2-4 assigned books for reading with book reports, New. Mehr Infos folgen. Ihr könnt gerne schonmal allgemeine Infos auf der DTS Seite holen oder uns schreiben

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The School of Training and Discipleship (YWAM DTS) gives you the opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God's purposes for the world. It is for those who wish to follow Jesus in a new way, with a different perspective and who wish to embark on an adventure with God that will change their lives. In six intensive months, you will learn about God and yourself, get to know. DTS är en sex månader lång lärjungaskola i en dynamisk miljö där unga kristna samlas för att söka en äkta relation med Gud. Genom praktisk undervisning i en levande gemenskap kommer du att få upptäcka den identitet som Gud har gett dig och bli utrustad för att ta steget och ge din del av Guds svar till den här världen

Our YWAM DTS aligns with global standards and curriculum regulated by YWAM's University of the Nations. The DTS is intentionally designed to guide growth in your relationship with God and empower you to live God's call on your life. The DTS curriculum is built around six teaching categories on the Bible, Who God is, The beginning, What went wrong, The new beginning, and becoming a people. YWAM's Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a life-changing five-month program that builds a solid foundation of personal growth and relationship with Jesus. It starts with twelve weeks of biblical teaching, real-life application, and ongoing discipleship, all geared towards helping you know God better at our YWAM Campus.Then you'll take your growing love for Jesus and share it with others.

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Training Missionaries Since 1960. Find Out Dates, Costs, and More Information. Our Focus is Training Missionaries. 70% of students comeback for more schools. See Why When you join the DTS in Berlin, Germany, you will have an opportunity to grow deeper in your personal relationship with God and your understanding of your identity in Christ. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN. to hear (and obey) the voice of God ; to walk in God's presence; a better understanding of the Bible - breathed on by the Holy Spirit - and how it is relevant to your daily life; gaining. This is the official International DTS centre website. International DTS Centre Mission statement and goals A word from us About DTS DTS Purpose DTS Curriculum YWAM Foundational Values DTS Guidelines DTS Prerequisite policy DTS School leaders and staf DTS Curriculum Tools. Practical Outreach Tools. U of N 2017-19 Catalogue. International Registrars offices. Rosalie Pedder's Well Series YWAM HIV-AIDS in the Workplace Guidelines. Mission Resources - Create International. Audio and Video YWAM Foundational Teachings. DTS Outreach Fruitful Practice. Teaching to Reach Every Studen DTS Reframed in God's Story God's Story Design your dts the curriculum The DTS and YWAM's Story are Embedded in God's Story. The Bible primarily tells the story of God's actions to create a human family (Image Bearers) in the context of a good creation, their tragic rebellion, followed.

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is YWAM's six month entry level course, embodying YWAM's mission to know God and make Him known. DTS provides an environment for students to personally encounter Jesus Christ, learn to hear God's voice, and respond with joy Our YWAM-DTS is an accredited part of the University of the Nations, YWAM 's global university. For more details on curriculum go to YWAM DTS Centre website. Our DTS follows the following curriculum overview: We start with a Trinitarian God, He is the beginning DTS - YWAM Wollongong A Discipleship Training School Discipleship Training School (DTS) offers you an intentional season to go deeper in your relationship with God, to be personally transformed by His incredible love, and to learn more about His heart for the whole world Nächste DTS startet in. Tage. Stunden. Minuten. Sekunden. Geschichten sind nicht dazu gedacht, eingesperrt zu werden; Sondern dazu da erzählt zu werden. Erkenntnisse werden gegeben, um geteilt zu werden. Weisheit ist dazu gedacht weitergegeben zu werden. Dieser Blog existiert, um zu teilen, was Gott JMEM Herrnhut gegeben hat. Individuen, die ihre Geschichten erzählen, und was Gott durch uns. youth with a mission Youth With A Mission is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, generations, and Christian traditions, who are dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM, we are united in a common purpose to know God and to make Him known

DTS Xpress; Anmeldung; News; Termine; Kontakt; Seite wählen. Herzlich willkommen bei JMEM Frankfurt! Salz und Licht in der Stadt: Wir sind ein Team von Menschen, die in dieser Stadt wohnen, einige von uns schon für eine lange Zeit. Die meisten von uns haben Vollzeitjobs und sind Teilzeit JMEM-Mitarbeiter oder eher gesagt, wir sind Vollzeit JMEM-Mitarbeiter, aber unser Missionsfeld ist unser. Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS) was created to help you discover your place in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt 28:16-20). DTS is an intense full-time program, lasting five or six months YWAM Davos offers different training options as a part of the UofN. Discipleship Training School (DTS) to grow your character and relationship to God and our Leadership Training Program (LTP) to grow your Leadership skills and understanding Who is YWAM Freiburg. Here we are, the team of Youth With A Mission Freiburg. We are a committed, loving community that is passionate for Jesus and people. Our inter­national and dynamic team has been in Freiburg since 2012, blessing our city and reaching out to the nations. About us. Get Involved. Missions is also about YOU. Do you want to be part of what is happening here in Freiburg? There. YWAM training teaches you to explore and share your faith. A wide variety of specialized training programs equip students with skills that can be applied in many situations to convey the love of Christ and participate practically in missions. Our introductory course, the Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS), offers a unique opportunity to focus on building your relationship with God and.


  1. YWAM-DTS - YWAM Worcester The Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS) seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God's purposes for His world. The DTS is for those who long to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspective
  2. YWAM: a Response to God . The DTS is Knowing God and Making Him Known Concepts to Understand and Apply. An understanding of Youth With A Mission International's History, Vision, Statement of Purpose, Statement of Faith, the Manila Covenant and approved corporate documents (e.g. the Red Sea Covenant); these approved corporate documents are found in the U of N Reference Guide. An understanding.
  3. It is also a prerequisite for all other courses in the University of the Nations, and also serves to orient and prepare all new Youth With A Mission (YWAM) staff. The DTS is designed to encourage students in personal character development, cultivating their relationship with God and identifying their unique gifts and callings
  4. Your DTS starts with 3 months of on campus learning here at YWAM Barbados. Every week you get to interact and learn from friends and teachers we trust from around the world! Your weeks will include: class time, worship, prayer, evangelism, intercession for the Nations, and spending time with the beautiful YWAM Barbados community
  5. DTS DATES. Due to this year's situation with COVID-19 and the unforeseen circumstances within the base, we've made the difficult decision to cancel the September 2020 DTS. This decision was a very difficult one for us to make, but with lots of prayer & guidance we did it. Through this time YWAM Kauai will continue to be established.

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YWAM Philippines Impact is located in Cavite, Philippines. Our campus is 29 acres, with a vibrant spiritual community, scenic natural landscape, and plenty of continuous activities to discover God in Applying for your school with YWAM Harpenden is easy. Things you'll need before you start: 1 - Start by filling in our application form online by selecting the school you are applying for in the links on this page. This short form will give you a special link allowing you to access your application form and letting you save your form if you need a little more time to complete it. 2 - In.

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  1. The YWAM Music & Worship DTS Elective incorporates all the elements of Discipleship Training School: personal relationship with God, knowing His character, growing in humility and obedience, discovering who he's made you to be, living that out in relationship with others, and so much more. It adds an emphasis on honoring God with our musical gifts, building in regular opportunities to hone.
  2. In DTS, knowing God personally and intimately is the bottom line. God has redeemed so much; grown me into more of who He created me to be, and loved me so fiercely over the last ten months with YWAM that I cannot begin to describe it all in words. My heart says a big YES to Jesus more than anything now, and I am so thankful that God has used.
  3. 7. Size of the DTS and the base. YWAM bases come in all different sizes. Some bases are large and able to run mega-DTS's every quarter, while others are family-style and keep it down to 15-20 students per school. For many, this is a crucial deciding factor. You know your personality type, and only you can decide what situation best suits you.
  4. Jugend mit einer Mission (JMEM, ausgesprochen: Jottmem) ist eine christlich-missionarische Organisation, die zur charismatischen Bewegung gehört. JMEM ist der deutschsprachige Zweig der 1960 von Darlene und Loren Cunningham gegründeten Missionsgesellschaft Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Die deutschsprachige JMEM-Arbeit begann im Zusammenhang mit den Olympischen Sommerspielen 1972
  5. During the DTS our medical ship, the MV YWAM PNG, will be anchored in the beautiful bay offshore from The Jetty, which will help provide accommodation, food and other training facilities while we develop the new campus. YWAM MS has worked in PNG for 11 years through our medical ships and land-based teams. We will have an excellent team on the ground to help orientate you to PNG and our mission.
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The Harvest DTS viewmore . SBS. School of Biblical Study viewmore . Word by Heart. Word by Heart helps you know Jesus personally viewmore . Ministries. Teen DTC. Mercy ministry. Campus ministry . Tuesday meeting. Publishing. Team hosting. Soccer ministry. End Bible Poverty Now. Mission. Get involved. Whether you're thinking about spending a week or a lifetime, YWAM has many ways to get. YWAM Perth, Perth. Gefällt 8.543 Mal. YWAM Perth is an international community of Christians dedicated to knowing God and making Him known to others Discipleship Training School The Discipleship Training School(DTS) is the entry point for all wishing to serve in the mission and is hence a vitally important course to run well. This page is intended to be a good point to start exploring the many articles covering the DTS programme. The DTS is typically six months long and split into two phases

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  1. DTS is a YWAM bible school offered at Youth With A Mission Skien in Norway which aims to bring Jesus to all with salvation, training, and a call to action
  2. The Discipleship Intensive is a modified version of a traditional YWAM DTS. We have condensed aspects from outreach phase and lecture phase into one 11-week intensive. Our hope is that more people are able to grow in relationship with Jesus and understanding of their call to missions
  3. A Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a five or six month course designed for you to discover more about your identity, purpose, and the passions that God has given you. You also have the opportunity to apply what you learn onto the mission field, as well as in your day-to-day life
  4. Die DTS ist ein Kurs (DSP 211 / DSP 212) der University of the Nations (UofN). Jugend mit einer Mission / YWAM Hauptstrasse 15 3266 Wiler bei Seedorf Switzerland Phone: +41 (0)32 391 70 30 Fax: +41 (0)32 391 70 31 IBAN: CH90 0900 0000 2501 5842 2 SWIFT: POFICHBEXXX Datenschutz | Cookie-Erklärung. Hinweis schliessen Verwendung von Cookies. Wir benutzen Cookies, um die Dienstleistungen und.
  5. YWAM Whitsunday is a non-profit Christian Organisation that runs DTS's and equips young people into Missions. Kingdom Living Course Kingdom Living Course Kingdom Living Course Kingdom Living Course. Part time - Online . 28 June - 17 Dec. Learn More. Backpacking DTS Backpacking DTS Backpacking DTS Backpacking DTS. Island to Island - Nation to Nation. Jan 2022. Learn More. MUSIC DTS MUSIC DTS.
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Youth With A Mission is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM (pronounced WHY-wham), we unite in a common purpose to know God and to make Him known YWAM TAIPEI EVANGELIZE DISCIPLE SEND. TO KNOW GOD AND TO MAKE HIM KNOWN. Discipleship Training School (DTS) Do you have a heart for the nations? Do you want to know God, and make Him known? Maybe DTS is for you! March 22 - August 6, 2021 (Apply by March 12, 2021) LEARN MORE. Discipleship Training School (DTS) Do you have a heart for the nations? Do you want to know God, and make Him known. A Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a training program that seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God as well as train you in missions and how to make God known. It gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God's purposes for the world

Do a DTS COVID-19 Updates We're passionate about mobilizing young people into missions. Located in the beautiful city of Mazatlan, Mexico, we are a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. We are united in a common purpose to Know God and to Make Him Known! Welcome to YWAM Mazatlan . 2 min. Our. Discover your place in the Great Commission and embark on a lifetime adventure with God. YWAM DTS includes specialized training like children at risk, sports, human trafficking, arts, refugee ministry, leadership development and more Find a DTS. Adelaide; Brisbane; Byron Bay; Canberra; Coffs Harbour; Gold Coast; Melbourne; Newcastle; Perth; Sunshine Coast; Sydney Island Breeze; Sydney Newtown; Tasmania; Toowoomba; Townsville; Whitsunday; Wollongong; About Us; Training that takes yu places. Get started with missions at a YWAM centre in Australia . Training that takes yu places . Get started with missions at a YWAM centre in.

Do a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) YWAM's foundational missionary training course. First, you'll spend 3 months getting to know God alongside a vibrant Christian community and the inspiring beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Then you'll embark on a life-changing 2.5 month overseas missions trip, focused on making God known YWAM Training Canberra is a registered training organisation within Australia. Therefore the DTS and the MDS courses offered by us are recognised by Australian education authorities under the Australian Qualifications Framework. The DTS is a Certificate III level course and the MDS is a Certificate IV level course DTS - YWAM Nicoya, Guanacaste Discipleship Training School (DTS) Discipleship Training School (DTS) is designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus and identify your unique gifts and purpose to use in missions About Locations DTS Further Training Mission Adventures Donations. Scroll . COVID-19 Update Covid-19 (coronavirus) Update 16/03/2020 YWAM England are continuing to monitor and follow the outbreak and implications of Covid-19 (coronavirus). We have been reviewing and closely monitoring the situation daily, and are taking appropriate steps to ensure we keep our staff, volunteers, trainees and.

Please note that YWAM Borgen is committed to following all regulations set forth by the Norwegian government and will make every effort to maintain a safe Discipleship Training School environment for all participants and locals. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at dts@uioborgen.no. Current regulations (April 20th, 2021) The DTS program is an entry requirement that opens you to a world of opportunities within Youth With A Mission including secondary schools, ministries and staffing. + How much does a YWAM Gold Coast DTS Cost? The lecture phase costs $4400 AUD and includes lectures, accommodation and food during your school phase. The outreach phase varies. Foundation of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) The DTS focuses heavily on building your relationship with the Father. We believe that hearing God's voice, experiencing His love, and knowing your identity are the foundations of a supernatural lifestyle. Through teaching and mentoring, you will Come join us for our first ever Discipleship Training school YWAM Liberia, Costa Rica! Youth With a Mission (YWAM) is a movement with more than 19,000 followers of Christ in more than 1,100 locations in over 180 nations. As YWAMers, we are focused in three-fold ministries: mercy, training and evangelism If you have completed a YWAM DTS, and The Lord has put Japan on your heart, then we invite you to consider joining the YWAM Niseko team. As soon as we can develop a base location and staff we will begin our first DTS at our new location in Niseko, Japan. We are praying for God to send us the right team for this new venture

Our DTS (Discipleship Training School) combines face-to-face teaching and hands-on experience in a full-time discipleship community. Step away from the hustle and give your soul space to discover God's plan for your life within the beauty of nature, at YWAM Tahlee Equipping youth to serve A special desire of YWAM Canada is to provide as many occasions as possible to ensure that young people are better equipped to serve their neighbors around the world. The main way is through our Discipleship Training School (DTS). Currently we offer 20 DTS's throughout Canada at various times of year Besonders empfehlen können wir die DTS's unserer Partnerzentren YWAM Rogaland, Norwegen YWAM Island. Klick dich rein für weitere Infos. *In Österreich bieten wir im Moment keine DTS an. Um am Laufenden zu bleiben wann es wieder eine DTS in Österreich geben wird und für regelmäßige Updates folge uns auf Social Media und abonniere unseren Newsletter. Abonniere unseren Newsletter. Folge. DTS | YWAM El Paso - Juárez WHAT IS A DTS? DTS is a 5-month school that will impact your life for eternity. The 3-month lecture phase is focused on you and your relationship with God DTS YWAM Sunny Coast. Menü . Über diese Website; Outreach, Heimkehr, neues Kapitel. 6. März 2017 philschaedeli Hinterlasse einen Kommentar. Hallo meine lieben Freunde. Nach längerer Absenz melde ich mich wieder einmal. Eines der letzten Male auf diesem Blog. Meine DTS ist seit einem guten Monat vorbei und es hat sich vieles getan in der letzten Zeit. Ich habe vieles gesehen, gelernt und.

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  1. DTS YWAM Shunshine Coast In 6 Tagen verlasse ich das schöne, aber im Moment sehr kalte Australien wieder. Aber nur für zwei Monate! Ich werde auf die Philippinen gehen! Mit meiner Schule und dem sogenannten Outreach. Damit das alle, die das lesen besser verstehen, fange ich von vorne an. J Am 9. Februar 2015 bi
  2. istry. Not one YWAMer, even our founder Loren Cunningham, receives a paycheck
  3. About DTS | YWAM Queenstown What is a DTS? A Discipleship Training School, or DTS, is an intensive program designed to strengthen your relationship with God, give you a deeper understanding of the Bible, and bring you to the nations to experience international missions firsthand
  4. The YWAM Pittsburgh Discipleship Training School (DTS) is an intense, 5 month, live-in program designed to Know God and Make Him Known. We believe in you and we believe God is calling up the next generation, so we go all in. This full-time course will bring you into a more intimate relationship with Him and equip you to share Him creatively and effectively with the world before you
  5. YWAM courses, often called schools, combine theory with practical application. They usually last between three and nine months. For many YWAM students, the intensive learning combined with community living makes for a transformational experience. After your DTS there are hundreds of courses to choose from within our university. These courses will equip you and give you a biblical.
  6. YWAM Nelson is offering a Building Discipleship Course for those who desire to partner with God in a practical way, as He rebuilds and restores the hearts of His children. This eight-week course, commencing on 16 May 2021, is designed to encourage discipleship while offering hands-on experience in building and construction. Apply Now! Revive/Presence Multi-Generational DTS Calling all Kiwis.
  7. Join us for Discipleship Training School (DTS), a 6-month journey through the Tenderloin of San Francisco and into the nations, in which we focus on getting to know God personally for who He is, learning His hopes for our lives, and living out His will wherever He would call us. The next DTS begins in September 2021

The DTS (Discipleship Training School) at YWAM Tahlee is a once in a lifetime experience for your relationship with God. Step away from the hustle and give your soul space to discover God's plan for your life within the beauty of nature. The unique YWAM model of training combines face-to-face teaching and hands-on experience in a full-time discipleship community. Our aim is to provide. Each DTS has electives (tracks) that you can choose from to help match your training with your gifts ands passions. Empower Youth. Medical Exposure. Worship. Community Outreach. Sailing . Jungle. Community Development. Champion a nation. The gathering place. Bible. Barista. A dts takes you deeper with god and your calling: redeem time The course is designed to be intensive and immersive for. DTS is a five-month journey of transformation and diving deeper into God's heart for you, and the world around you. In essence, you will learn what it means to be a disciple and how to live as one. Our main foundational value in YWAM is to: Know God, and To Make Him Known. This value drives our practice forward The Worship DTS is for those who want to learn how to worship God in a way that is pleasing to Him. Worship is so much more than a moment during a church service or a song that we sing. In this DTS, we will be focusing on living out of what the Bible teaches us about worship, and how to present ourselves as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, which is our spiritual worship (Romans. YWAM ZION is a missions base in New Zealand that seeks to be constantly filled with the presence of the Lord through our worship, intercession and everyday life. We offer DTS training like Surfers DTS NZ, Music & Worships DTS, Outdoor Adventure DTS, Evangelism DTS etc, More Info.

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The YWAM DTS can be a life transforming experience. Learn More About The DTS. Apply for the Next DTS in St Lucia. DTS Fees. YWAM Saint Lucia. Reduit Beach Avenue, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia +1(758)450-9926 info@ywamsl.org. Hours. Events Terms About Contact Us News. Phone: +1(758) 450-9926, Mobile:+1(758)286-2967• P.O. Box 4029 Bocage, Castries LC 05 101 Email: info@ywamSL.org. YWAM DTS is an incredible missions experience that equips you to know God more deeply and make Him known throughout the world! It's a time of wonder, adventure, learning and authentic community. Here at YWAM STARKVILLE we have a passion to help students connect their areas of study to their first calling to be Disciplemakers! University DTS is. The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 5 1/2 month missionary training school that is the starting point for all YWAM Missionaries. It is designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus, and identify your unique gifts and purpose to use in missions. The first 12 weeks are lectures designed to build a foundation in knowing God. Then students participate in a 10-week.

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THE ENCOUNTER DTS is a creative arts in worship training school located in Boston. We believe God is raising up a generation of artists that aren't doing just in it for the fame, platform, or influence but to see the lost saved- to be the encounter that people are looking for. Come join our communi A DTS opens doors to all kinds of training and missions opportunities! We invite you to get further training at YWAM Perth through courses such as our Medical Missions School, or join staff to continue the journey of serving Jesus in the nations with an initiative like our Healthcare Ministry. For further exploration of what YWAM Perth offers, start here:. YWAM DTS is one of. Youth With A Mission ( YWAM ) in Saint Lucia gives opportunities to Volunteers to Serves Learns and make a difference in communities in the Caribbean, short term, medium and long term but also part time. Young and older persons can find and opportunity get train and serve with us. YWAM DTS is one of our foundational training. Short term outreach in the Caribbean, south.

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Begin your journey with the Discipleship Training School at YWAM Montana Lakeside. We are all about doing whatever it takes to know God and to make Him known, together. Our DTS is a 5-month discipleship course which serves as an introduction to global missions. We offer two types of DTS programs, a regular DTS with Electives and an Endurance DTS. Grow in your relationship with God and travel. The Reach DTS is a unique and exciting school that focuses on reaching the least, the last, and the lost. It's about sharing God's heart of mercy and justice with the nations. Come and join us for a rich time of discipling and growth! Home About Us. About YWAM Rogaland Our Values Meet the Staff Training. Reach DTS 2021 Backpack DTS 2022 Bible Core Course Staff Opportunities Experience. What is YWAM? Youth With a Mission (YWAM) is a set of Christian values and beliefs practically applied in a Divine Calling. The 'YWAM Calling' requires a lifestyle of: Prayer - to walk closely with God in order to hear His voice.; Worship - to praise God in all that we do.; Faith - to believe God for what seems impossible.; Missions - to recognise that others are waiting for the.

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Fall dts. Choose an elective: fitness & sports. music & Worship . equipping a generation to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Our fall Discipleship Training School (DTS) focuses on fitness, sports, and music. It is 6 months of spiritual, physical, and emotional growth and transformation. The first half of the school (lecture phase) is spent in the classroom, as well as in engaging. If you are, when you sign up to be a part of any of our DTS (Discipleship Training School) programs, you may be eligible to receive a substantial scholarship to get you that much closer to reigniting our great nations' historical sending force and be a part of what God is doing in the nations of the earth. During the First World War, Aussies and Kiwis were major players on the world stage! A. WAVES DTS. 31st Jan - 3rd July 2021 5th Sept 2021 - 21st Jan 2022. Read More. SURF & SKATE DTS. SURF & SKATE DTS. 31st Jan - 3rd July 2021 5th Sept 2021 - 21st Jan 2022. Read More . AROUND THE WORLD DTS. AROUND THE WORLD DTS. Dates: To be advised. Read More. SPORTS DTS. SPORTS DTS. 31st Jan - 3rd July 2021 5th Sept 2021 - 21st Jan 2022. Read More. REACH THE UNREACHED DTS. REACH THE UNREACHED.

33期YWAM-DTS入学式が執り行われました! | YWAM OKINAWAAdventure Time: FijiJun 07: Guadeloupe, Guam | Operation WorldMission Builder Application - YWAM Turner ValleyYWAM DTS: Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training
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