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  1. Projects, products, and services The World Bank Group works in every major area of development. We provide a wide array of financial products and technical assistance, and we help countries share and apply innovative knowledge and solutions to the challenges they face
  2. With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries
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  4. World Bank Projects & Operations. Primary tabs. World Bank Projects & Operations provides access to basic information on all of the World Bank's lending projects from 1947 to the present. The dataset includes basic information such as the project title, task manager, country, project id, sector, themes, commitment amount, product line, and.
  5. Access the World Bank's portfolio of more than 12,000 development projects, including current and historical data since 1947
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Die Weltbank bezeichnet im weiten Sinne die in der US-amerikanischen Hauptstadt Washington, D.C. angesiedelte Weltbankgruppe, eine multinationale Entwicklungsbank. Die Weltbankgruppe hatte ursprünglich den Zweck, den Wiederaufbau der vom Zweiten Weltkrieg verwüsteten Staaten zu finanzieren. Die Weltbankgruppe umfasst die folgenden fünf Organisationen, die jeweils eine eigene Rechtspersönlichkeit besitzen: Internationale Bank für Wiederaufbau und Entwicklung Internationale. World Bank Projects and Operations. The World Bank provides low-interest loans, zero to low-interest credits, and grants to developing countries. These support a wide array of investments in such areas as education, health, public administration, infrastructure, financial and private sector development, agriculture, and environmental and natural. Explore raw data about the World Bank Group's finances, including disbursements and management of global funds. Projects & Operations Provides access to basic information on all of the World Bank's lending projects from 1947 to the present

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  1. World Bank projects China's economy to grow by 7.9% in 2021. Updated 11:11, 06-Jan-2021 CGTN Share . Copied. A view of the skyline in Beijing, China. /CFP. A view of the skyline in Beijing, China. /CFP . The Chinese economy is on track to tick up by 7.9 percent in 2021, following a 2-percent growth in 2020, the World Bank Group said in its latest forecast released on Tuesday..
  2. istration-education) are regrouped into three main areas (basic education, secondary/vocational education, and tertiary education) to better communicate World Bank Group education support
  3. The World Bank Group launches first operations for COVID-19 emergency health support to strengthen developing country responses. The Bank Group expects to deploy up to $160 billion over the next 15 months to protect the poor and vulnerable and bolster economic recovery. More Information

Concessions, Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Projects, and Design-Build-Operate (DBO) Projects are types of public-private partnerships that are output focused. BOT and DBO projects typically involve significant design and construction as well as long term operations, for new build (greenfield) or projects involving significant refurbishment and extension (brownfield) The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of low- and middle-income countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects. It comprises two institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and the International Development Association (IDA) An overview of project management in the context of the World Bank project life cycle 2. An introduction to key project management topics including: logic model, activity planning, network analysis, stakeholder engagement and communication, resource management, risk management, and project implementation 3. Basic analytical and operational tools required to plan, manage, and track projects in day-to-day work 4. Application of key modules in case studies and group exercises, as well as to. Global Economic Prospects examines trends for the world economy and how they affect developing countries. The report includes country-specific three-year forecasts for major macroeconomic indicators, including commodity and financial markets The World Bank on Tuesday announced the approval of six development projects valued at about $2.1885 billion for execution in Nigeria in 2020

Net proceeds of a specific World Bank bond are not committed or earmarked for lending to, or financing of, any particular projects or programs, and returns on a specific World Bank bond are not linked to the performance of any particular project or program. 4 WORLD BANK BONDS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT | IMPACT REPORT 2019 The World Bank-supported project will support the construction, up-gradation, improvement, and maintenance of 766 kms of state highways and major district roads. It will also focus on enhancing. Bank Policy: Investment Project Financing. Bank Directive: Investment Project Financing. Guidelines on Preventing and Combating Fraud and Corruption in Projects Financed by IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Grants. Anti-Corruption Guidelines for World Bank Guarantee and Carbon Finance Transaction World Bank Projects Portal. Resource Type: Query Tool. Go to Resource. No Visualizations Available. 0 (0) 11904; Topic not specified. This set of contract awards includes data on commitments against contracts that were reviewed by the Bank before they were awarded (prior-reviewed Bank-funded contracts) under IDA/IBRD investment projects and related Trust Funds. This dataset does not list all.

The World Bank is deepening its use of Advisory Services and Analytics to support ongoing projects, inform strategic adjustments, and ensure preparedness for future investments in recovery and. Terms of Use for the WBG Finances website. By clicking I agree, I acknowledge that I understand and agree that all data provided on this website is unaudited, provided as is, and that any use or reliance upon this data is at my sole discretion, risk, and responsibility, and I may not publicly represent or imply that the World Bank is. Investment in transport with private participation (current US$) 0.00 25.7b 51.4b. Investment in water and sanitation with private participation (current US$) 0.00 1.80b 3.60b. Mobile cellular subscriptions (per 100 people) 2000 0 58.5 117 World. Rail lines (total route-km) 0.00 42.7k 85.5k The World Bank has admitted shortcomings in its protections for people displaced by projects the bank supports. It says it is working to improve its policies and how it enforces them. The bank also says protecting people in the way of big projects is a cornerstone of its efforts to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity The Energy & Extractives Open Data Platform is provided by the World Bank Group and is comprised of open datasets relating to the work of the Energy & Extractives Global Practice, including statistical, measurement and survey data from ongoing projects

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Module 1. World Bank Projects and the Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) Module 2. Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) Readiness. Module 3: Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEP) Module 4: Labor Management Procedures (LMP) Module 5: Environmental and Social Commitment Plans (ESCP) Activitie By clicking I agree, I acknowledge that I understand and agree that all data provided on this website is unaudited, provided as is, and that any use or reliance upon this data is at my sole discretion, risk, and responsibility, and I may not publicly represent or imply that the World Bank is participating in, or has approved, the manner or purpose of my use or reproduction of data and. Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) - World Bank Group; Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) Database. Highlighting the impact of COVID-19, investment commitments in the first half of 2020 stood at US$21.9 billion across 128 projects, a decline of 56 percent from the same period in 2019. Read More. Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) Database. The distribution of. Based on a sample of 178 World Bank projects, the interactions between CSFs (monitoring, coordination, design, and training) and project success dimensions (project management success and deliverable success) are analyzed. First, results of structural equations modeling show the interactions between the CSFs and their respective influences on project management success and deliverable success, with TTLs ranking the project design, monitoring, and coordination as the most. the world bank for official use only report no: pad2296 international development assoiation project paper on a proposed additional credit in the amount of sdr 73.3 million (us$100 million equivalent) and a proposed grant from the global financing facility in the amount of us$ 10 million to the republic of the union of myanmar for a

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  1. World Bank- Green Bond Projects not only follow the same stages as other World Bank financed projects, including the due diligence and monitoring process throughout the project cycle, but in addition undergo three more steps as shown in the outer circle of the graph below. From the outset of the Green Bond Project cycle, environmental specialists get involved in order to identify projects that.
  2. This dataset contains all World Bank project assessments carried out by the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) since the unit was created back in the 70's. Spanning over 30 years, the collection has more than 11,300 project assessments, covering more than 9,600 completed projects; it is perhaps the longest-running and most comprehensive project performance data collection of its kind. Learn.
  3. The World Bank Group fiscal year (FY) begins on July 1, and ends on June 30. The data include IBRD/IDA financing and Recipient-Executed Grants that support education in the six official regions (Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, and South Asia). This includes funds for education components in all projects managed.
  4. The World Bank in the past called for acceleration in execution of projects. The bank's country partnership strategy for FY2015-2020 for Pakistan with four priority areas of energy, private.

The World Bank collaborates with CBOs, national and international NGOs in a variety of different ways. * Achieving the full potential benefits of NGO involvement implies enhanced roles for NGOs earlier on in the project cycle. IL.WH IHF W()RLI) BANK WORKS WITH NGOs * NGO involvement can contribute to the sustainability and effectiveness of Bank-financed projects by introducing innovative. By Thorsten Beck and Asli Demirguc-Kunt (World Bank), Ross Eric Levine (Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota) Submitted on: 01 Apr, 2011 Microdata Library, providing data on people living in developing countries, their institutions, their environment, their communities and the operation of their economies

World Bank-funded projects have also continually been found to be in direct, serious violation of international human rights standards. Major recurring issues include mass evictions and the forced displacement of peoples and communities for major infrastructure and agricultural projects. The Kebbi State Government has identified the Community and Social Development Project (CSDP), initiated by the Federal Government with support from the World Bank, as one of the best projects in. World Bank Statistical Projects. The World Bank Statistical Projects database offers a comprehensive list of statistical projects and projects with a statistical component that are funded by the World Bank through either grants or loans. Also included are projects related to building administrative systems as well as monitoring programs The World Bank Group is the globe's most prestigious development lender, bankrolling hundreds of government projects each year in pursuit of its high-minded mission: to combat the scourge of poverty by backing new transit systems, power plants, dams and other projects it believes will help boost the fortunes of poor people Data relevant to the coronavirus pandemic, drawn from the World Bank's data catalog and other authoritative sources. Data on Statistical Capacity The World Bank's Statistical Capacity Indicator is a composite score assessing the capacity of a country's statistical system

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The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of low- and middle-income countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects. It comprises two institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and the International Development Association (IDA). The World Bank is a component of the World Bank Group the world bank for official use only report no: pad4185 international bank for reconstruction and development and international development association project paper on a proposed additional financing to the covid-19 strategic preparedness and response program using the multiphase programmatic approach (global covid-19 mpa) with an additional ibrd and ida financing of up to us$12 billion (of. HundrED & The World Bank Announce a New Project Transforming Teacher Professional Development 10.12.2020 | BY AISHWARYA SHIVAJI PATIL Scalable approaches to in-service teacher professional development are needed for countries to eliminate learning poverty and achieve inclusive and equitable quality education for all - the World Bank launches a contest to identify tech-based solutions to. World Bank projects GDP growth at 1.3pc for FY2021 . Business. Mehtab Haider . April 1, 2021 . ISLAMABAD: The World Bank on Wednesday projected Pakistan's GDP growth at 1.3 percent for the. The World Bank data is also available in Google's Data Explorer. Python. Alternatively to world_bank_data, Python users may find useful the following packages: wbpy, nicely documented but last released in 2013. wbdata, which works well. pandas_datareader; The reason for which I wrote world_bank_data is mostly speed, e.g. I wanted to use the.

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The World Bank also played a role in developing job-creating projects under Nelson Mandela in South Africa in 1991. The World Bank joined the post-conflict reconstruction team after the war in Yugoslavia in 1995. In 2000 and 2001, the World Bank declared war on HIV/AIDS and the next year started delivering vaccines through the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. 1997 marked the. Project Summary On December 30, 2020, The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), a member of the World Bank Group, issued a guarantee of up to 7.5 years to Citibank N.A., from the United States and Commerzbank.. World Region. Up to USD 80 million. Up to USD 400 million. Blended Finance Facility. February 4, 2021. Press Release. The Summary of Investment Information (SII) will be available for individual projects under the program. Central Termica De Temane. Mozambique. Up to USD 140.1 million. USD 619 millio

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WASHINGTON (R) - The World Bank has halted payments to projects in Myanmar on withdrawal requests that were made after a Feb. 1 coup by the country's military, the bank said in a letter to. An example of natural convergence for World Bank support is the Azura power project in Nigeria, where IFC loans, MIGA political risk insurance and World Bank guarantees were all deployed together, as depicted in the preceding diagram. Impact on Investment. Most major infrastructure projects include the host government in one or more key roles

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  1. This includes 305 new projects. Furthermore, IDA's support is part of the broader $160 billion World Bank Group response to the COVID-19 pandemic over a 15-month period ending June 2021. It includes $50-55 billion in low-interest credits and grants focused on saving lives, protecting the poor and vulnerable, creating jobs, saving businesses, and building a more resilient recovery. Since 1960, IDA has provided $422 billion for investments in 114 countries. Annual commitments have increased.
  2. the world bank for official use only report no: pad4185 international bank for reconstruction and development and international development association project paper on a proposed additional financing to the covid-19 strategic preparedness and response program using the multiphase programmatic approach (global covid-19 mpa
  3. World Bank rethinks stance on large-scale hydropower projects This article is more than 7 years old Despite their disruption, can dams help the organisation work towards ending poverty while.
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For the current 2021 fiscal year, low-income economies are defined as those with a GNI per capita, calculated using the World Bank Atlas method, of $1,035 or less in 2019; lower middle-income economies are those with a GNI per capita between $1,036 and $4,045; upper middle-income economies are those with a GNI per capita between $4,046 and $12,535; high-income economies are those with a GNI per capita of $12,536 or more Pandemic Hits Global Poor: World Bank Projects Drop In Remittances Dilip Ratha, a World Bank economist who studies migration, discusses data showing that remittances to developing countries have. With projects like the long-standing water deal signed by India and Pakistan and the establishment of the International Development Association, the World Bank started focusing on a 'basic-needs' approach to development. Pursuant projects included helping subsistence farmers (1973) and eradicating River Blindness in 1974 allowing more people to participate in the development of their communities and nations Doing Business 2020, a World Bank Group flagship publication, is the 17th in a series of annual studies measuring the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business regulations and the protection of property rights that can be compared across 190 economies—from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe—and over time

Updates to LIBOR transition and Upcoming Suspension of Fixed Spread Loans NEW. FY20 TF Single Audit Report NEW. Trust Fund Annual Report 2018-2019 NEW. IBRD US Dollar Bank Account change notification for Development Partner Center (DPC) users Effectively addressing grievances from people impacted by World Bank projects is a core component of managing operational risk and improving a project s results. Grievance redress mechanisms (GRMs) can be an effective tool for early identification, assessment, and resolution of complaints on projects World Bank projects a range for India growth—between 7.5% and 12.5% The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected India's economy will grow by 11.5% over 2021 and 6.8% over 2022.

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World Bank projects —1pc GDP growth for Pakistan in 2020-21 . Top Story. Mehtab Haider. June 8, 2020 . ISLAMABAD: Contrary to the positive projection of GDP growth rate of 2.3 percent by. The project found that about 3.4 million people were physically or economically displaced by World Bank-funded development projects between 2004 and 2013, and that the bank often failed to follow its own rules for properly resettling these communities How to identify gender-based violence risks within projects? | World Bank Group. Skip to main content. Search-->.

The 2008 World Bank project performance data shows improvement in achieving development outcomes, allaying concerns that the weakened 2007 performance could signal a new downward trend. The decline in performance in 2007 was modest, and it has rebounded in 2008. Bank performance is rated on a six-point scale, from highly satisfactory to highly unsatisfactory. The percentage of satisfactory. The World Bank Group is currently seeking feedback on Guidelines for the Development of a Policy for Managing Unsolicited Proposals in Infrastructure Projects. The draft Guidelines for the Development of a Policy for Managing Unsolicited Proposals in Infrastructure Projects is open for public consultation to capture inputs and recommendations from all relevant stakeholders to feed into this. World Bank Project Performance Ratings - Codebook September 2015 The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG)1 is an independent unit within the World Bank Group (World Bank, International Finance Corporation, and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency) that reports to the Board of Executive Directors. IEG's mission is to improve development results through excellence in evaluation. IEG is. This World Bank project with a focus on capacity-building as well as strengthening policy and regulatory framework should therefore help to advance energy efficiency in the country through creating a better context for such projects to be commercialised. In addition, the linkage to relevant green finance taxonomy will be important, as the definitions should be aligned so as to enable green.

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The World Bank serves two mandates: To end extreme poverty, by reducing the share of the global population that lives in extreme poverty to 3% by 2030. To promote shared prosperity, by increasing.. The World Bank promotes long-term economic development and poverty reduction by providing technical and financial support to help countries reform certain sectors or implement specific projects—such as building schools and health centers, providing water and electricity, fighting disease, and protecting the environment. World Bank assistance is generally long term and is funded both by member country contributions and through bond issuance. World Bank staff are often specialists. Women, Business and the Law 2021 is the seventh in a series of studies that analyze laws and regulations affecting women's economic opportunity in 190 economies. Eight indicators—structured around women's interactions with the law as they begin, progress through, and end their careers—align with the economic decisions women make at various stages of their lives Australian and World Bank Group efforts have resulted in both economic development and urban development in the Growth sector, education, sustainable development, and welfare program development in the Inclusiveness sector, and other successful projects in the Sustainability & Resilience sector that include environmental protection

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  1. The World Bank argues funding coal-fired power plants is sometimes necessary to bring energy to the world's poorest nations and to help them eradicate poverty
  2. worldbank.org - World Bank Development Projects : Education Project - P00552
  3. The Philippines' history with the World Bank started in 1945 when they became one of the first members of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). Their first project with the Bank came in 1957 with the Binga Power Project. Since then, the Philippines has received $2.14 billion of disbursed loans from the IBRD. The Philippines is in the constituency entitled EDS 15.
  4. In 2011, the World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group made its project ratings database public. With broad geographic and sectoral coverage, this database is a valuable resource for research on development effectiveness, what works and what does not. This chapter first provides an overview for scholars interested in evaluation but unfamiliar with the World Bank evaluation system. Next we.
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